Horlaxen is a food supplement and is designed to increase muscle growth and, at the same time, the sexual performance of a man. Whether the product works is different from different test reports not quite clear.

Horials are available in capsule form and the recommended dose is two capsules per day, which should support a diet and sports program.

When taken regularly, it promises to increase sexual performance, build muscle mass, and reduce overall recovery time. It sounds very good, but some people also warn about the product and doubt its effectiveness.

Information of the manufacturer

The manufacturers claim that the product not only perfectly meets all the requirements of a product in this column of men’s nutritional supplements but also has other advantages:

  • Muscle growth increases by 52%.
  • Consumers’ persistence increases by 42%.
  • The general level of energy is increased by 283%.
  • The exhaustion is reduced by 47%.
  • An increase of 66% of libido.
  • Free testosterone is increased by 140%.

Unfortunately, these figures can not be statistically proven and you do not know where they come from and what they refer to. No clinical studies or research are cited from science.

If you do a little research, it soon becomes clear that the Horlaxen is a simple supplement of nitric oxide.

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Horlaxen und Armostrax;

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How horials work

It explains how the product works. The product is supposed to work as a simple supplement of nitric oxide, which is said to have a double effect on the testosterone level and also promotes muscle growth. Horlaxen claims that it works on a “molecular level” with the DNA of the consumer and helps to sleep when it experiences a muscle build-up.

The following effects are reported:

  • Build muscle mass;
  • Increase of nitric acid production (nitric acid);
  • Disposal of ammonia, free radicals and lactic acid;
  • Help with cracked and damaged muscles;
  • Improve cell energy production.

Sales Tactics

Horlaxen differs very much from other products of this category on its sales page because it does not focus on the facts of how the product actually works.

On the side and on the product packs, the primary aim is to reveal the secret of how men and super muscle men use it to attract women’s attention. Men are almost tempted to feel really bad when they do not take this remedy.

At the same time, all alleged advantages are mentioned again and again and again and again, how great the product works. Horlaxen understands women and is like a power drink or a magnet to attract women.

Remarks of the manufacturer like “it has no side effects” and “it is better than steroids” can also be read on the web page. Translated in English, Horlaxen promises that it is better than steroids, but this statement does not explain in any way.

If one wants to research further and really wants to find out what this means consists, one sooner or later encounters its only ingredient: L-arginine.

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Ingredient L-Arginine

2 capsules Horlaxes contain 450 mg L-arginine. There are no other important ingredients listed and it is not clear why it is presented as a formula that is otherwise used when a product contains more than one ingredient.

Further, gelatin, magnesium stearate (also known as magnesium salt) and silicon dioxide are mentioned.

L-Arginine is the known amino acid used by numerous bodybuilders to accelerate vascularity. It has been clinically proven to expand the blood vessels and increase overall athletic performance. There are also scientific studies that prove this effect.

However, the dose in which L-arginine is contained in horials is a very tiny dose. An average bodybuilder usually takes a dose of 3000 to 6000 mg per day. Horlaxen provides a dose of 450 mg when taking 2 capsules. It must be assumed that the effect of this agent on the body is hardly perceptible and that the nitric oxide can hardly be recognized in the bloodstream.

Similar products on the market offer L-Arginine supplements in much higher doses for a lower price. With Horlaxen one receives a lower dose for more money.

Prices of horials and order data

  • 1 bottle Horlaxen with 60 capsules (= one month pack) costs 49,95 Euro.
  • 3 bottles cost 99.90 euros.
  • 5 bottles are available for 149.85 euros.

These prices were at the time of writing this review.

The orders are processed by DHL or UPS. There is a reimbursement guarantee of 30 days after purchase of the product. In case of refund, however, a 15% refund will be deducted from the purchase price.

Horlaxen und Armostrax

Horlaxen and the improvement of the muscle mass

The slogans used by Horlaxen in German are not different from the ones found in English in many other food supplement products of this category. It is about improving sexual performance and improving muscle growth.

Horlaxen’s claim that it is “better than steroids” is not a foundation and must be classified as unfounded because of the lack of scientific studies. The very low dosage of L-Arginine already mentioned, which is contained in the product when a minimum of 3000 mg is usually taken by bodybuilders, can hardly be explained.

Although the dose appears very weak, a bottle of 60 capsules costs a hefty 50 euros. Other manufacturers offer much higher doses for this high price.

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muscle supplements

Through hard training and absolute dedication to bodybuilding, many people meet every day the desire for an ideal body.

A visit to the gym is often not enough. Adolescents and the elderly are 100% in building their muscle mass. Many also use a food supplement product. When the compounds of an L-arginine capsule react in the body, the nasal gas is developed.

This gas then increases the volume of the blood vessels and manages the heart of the athlete to pump more blood than normal. The newly produced blood enriched with fresh elements causes the muscles to produce more cells. The muscle cells are rejuvenated and multiply. This leads in the long term to a higher muscle mass.

In addition, however, there must also be a rigorous exercise program to which the heart and the whole body must be involved. The muscle building preparations are very attractive for humans. They help you to build muscle perfectly. Many people believe that the products only help with the increases and build-up of the muscles.

There are, however, different scientific studies that show that the intake of muscle enhancement products can be detrimental to the human body. The natural function of the body can change by stimulating and releasing different hormones. The products can have an influence on chemical and biological processes in the body and in the long run, it can come to various diseases.

Horlaxen Conclusion

The manufacturer promises many benefits, such as the optimized growth of pure muscles, fat loss, fat loss, increased testosterone levels, new energy and vitality and faster regeneration times.

Unfortunately, there are no scientific studies on the way the product works and on the official web page, there is very little information on the ingredients. The information is not exhaustive. The price is high against other products with the same active ingredient and the dose of the only ingredient is L-Arginine, is extremely low and can not really promise any significant results.

Several customer reviews promise the desired success, but one would certainly like more information on the web page of the manufacturer, which could offer more security.

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