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Sedumoxal and Petoximole – Myths and facts about dietary supplements for weight reduction

sedumoxal and Petoximol

sedumoxal and Petoximol pills

It is the (not so so) secret dream of all who have ever tried to lose superfluous pounds: Just take a few pills and already pound the pounds. The weight loss should be simple, fast and without any effort.

Myth 1: Taking slimming pills is enough

The reality looks a bit different. As the name ‘dietary supplements’ suggests, most of these pills are thought to be complementary to reasonable diet and exercise and make sense. So whoever thinks to be slimming sitting on the couch and eating chips and thus becoming slim, will unfortunately be disappointed.

Yes for ingredients can contribute dietary supplements for weight loss, but the effect without accompanying change in eating habits and without enough exercise will often remain very small. Anyone who hopes to swallow a diet pill is sufficient, replacing a sensible diet and sufficient exercise, should save money on the pills and invest in the purchase of larger clothing. This is then used with high probability.

Myth 2: What is free to sell is also harmless

A common fallacy in all food supplements is to equate recipe freedom with harmlessness. However, the fact that something is freely offered in the pharmacy, in the reformed house or even in the supermarket is not yet a guarantee that these funds can not have significant side effects.

This also applies to natural products and ingredients.

Myth 3: Natural remedies have no side effects

Natural ingredients can also have side effects. Above all, the possibility of an allergic reaction.

For this reason, the GP should always be informed of any plans for weight reduction. He can assess the ingredients of the intended remedies and, if necessary, test possible allergies.


The well-known decreasing agents Sedumoxal and Petoximol consist of the following natural ingredients:

  • acai berries
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Biotin
  • nettle
  • Bromelain
  • chlorella
  • Ning Hong tea blend
  • Pyridoxine
  • Spirulina
  • White tea extract

All these ingredients are extensively researched and they stimulate the metabolism, which is quite useful on a diet. As a rule, they are harmless if there is no allergy to one of the active ingredients.


Dietary supplements for weight reduction such as the above-mentioned sedumoxal and petoximole agents can help in weight reduction. However, as the name ‘food supplements’ suggests, they should be used in addition to a healthy and balanced diet and along with sufficient exercise.

In order to exclude specific allergic reactions, all measures for weight reduction, such as the intake of dietary products, should always be discussed with a doctor beforehand and if necessary, the ingredients should be allergy-tested.



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