Hair loss, sometimes so hard, you can see your hair everywhere, premature graying that you see old then you, bald spots, hairline back and its worse when its very visible and thin hair that does not allow us to make any Hairstyle we want.

Those who go with this everyday life are always looking for a solution that can help their hair grow again. I’ve seen people picking up the hair extensions and the wig to cover the flaws from their head.

Using hair products like spraying spray and gel are only effective for the short term results and with them every day for the illusionary bouncy look is out of the option as they are chemically filled products that are not safe to use every day. So, what is the option left, you can ask yourself. I will give you a combination of Suggest Vitanoria and Profollix, intended Both are supplements for hair growth.

But what are they? Do they really work, if so then how? Maybe you are asking these questions. Fret now, as I’ve covered them in my unbiased review below. continue reading

VitanoriaSTEP 1: – Vitanoria


Our hair continuously shed around 100 hair strands that is healthy as it helps to shed dead skin cells from our hair scalp, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Thanks to our busy schedule, most of the basic nutrients are skipped. Vitanoria helps the nutrients you. Unable, from the food, which in turn helps get increase hair growth


The composition of the Vitanoria contains Alpha Lipoic Acid’s The antioxidant that helps your hair follicles will help to protect from free radicals.

Some of us also suffer from the iodine deficiency, which makes our hair thin. To compensate, kelp powder was added, which help to cover up this deficiency

Collagen and biotin have also been added, which helps to strengthen our hair follicles and stimulates them to grow new hair.

Do you know that the results of this supplement by consuming Profollix can increase? Learn more about this addition by reading more about it.

STEP 2: – Profollix

First, tell me how is it different from the above?

Do you know how many vital nutrients our hair scalp must continuously help you flaunt voluminous hairpins? Well, there are many. From the above, you must know that with the age, the health of our hair begins to get damaged, that our hair fall through hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, hair strands thin to mention few hair concerns. With the advancement in technology, it has become possible to reverse this damage and Profollix is one such supplement that can do this.

It will help new hair growth, the distressed, the aforementioned hair without you no side effects .

Now, explain to me how its composition will help me get the voluminous hair locks?

For knowing, let us add to its active ingredients in this hair .

Before you say this, you need to know that we all live a very hectic lifestyle and due to this, we are not able to get some of the basic nutrients from our diet which will get our hair scalp continuously. In order to replace that which has Profollix recorded vital vitamins in its composition.

FOLIC ACID is one of them. It is a type of vitamin B9 to be specific. Adding this into the formulation will reduce the deficiency of this vitamin, which is usually the most of us and is the prominent reason behind the hair loss. Now let’s talk about how this vitamin helps hair loss to stop.

Due to the lack of vitamins, our body could not be able to produce RBCs (red blood cells) in number needed for proper body function. This slows the cell activity in our body, which leads to poor blood circulation and you know our hair strands, among other organs of our body, must get the right blood supply to help create new hair on our head, which will help cover up bald spots and help To get us the voluminous hairlocks. Adding this vital vitamin in its composition will increase the lack of that number of RBCs. This process helps to improve the blood circulation that brings more oxygen to your hair follicles. When this occurs, cell activity is activated on our hair that will stimulate hair follicles to grow new hairs. To make this ingredient effective, the makers have also added GINGKO In it like the above, which increases the supply of blood circulation to the hair follicles, which further helps to promote hair growth increases the same function.

Lack of nutrients are not always the reason for falling hair and other worries related to our hair. Sometimes the external factors such as the UV rays and pollution play a major role in the damage to our scalp. The treat, RETINOL ACETATE added. It is a type of vitamin A that treats our scalp by fighting with free radicals.


Both of these products seems like a nice addition to my hair care regime but now I would like to know the recommended dosage of this combo that one has to take.

Vitanoria and Profollix, Both with 60 pills, and if the label passes, the two pills each of these supplements have to twice a day with lukewarm water take.

I’m excited to try this combination just tell me where I could get it from?

For our ease Vitanoria and Profollix is only available in online mode only. All you need to do is just click on the link below to place your order of this combo.

Is this really an effective combination that I should go for my hair loss?

Well, that depends on your need. If you think everyday how to cover your hairline back, bald spots and lined with see comb filled with hair then I’d say this combo is all you need to get your sagging, thin and lifeless in the one you want Voluminous is to transform, thick hair locks. The formulation of this combo has no fillers and chemical additives that can have any side effects you are in later rather all they have is vital nutrients that nourishes your hair follicles and scalp so you do not have to go with your hair fall and hair loss, hair loss problem again .

What else do I need to keep in my head before doing this combo?

If you use any prescribed medication or with a topical solution on your hair, then I would suggest that you go and ask your doctor before using this combo in your hair care regime .

How do I know I get the best combination?

Well, there is no thumb rule to let you know that but looking for the label and going through the ingredients list will surely give you an idea about the effectiveness of the product. Come on Vitanoria and Profollix , these two hair supplements contain ingredients such as amino acids, collagen and vitamins that our hair follicles and scalp to stimulate hair growth, then, both these products effectively attacked hair fall from the root.