Redupexal is one of the most popular and promising diet pills and is often associated with other diet pills the name Detoxon purchased and occupied. But whether the diet pills are actually effective is not proven. The manufacturers of the diet pills advertise with methods to be questioned and juggle the potential buyer to convince him of the purchase. The following text deals with what is behind the promised dietary capsules, whether they actually help to lose weight and what is behind the sales methods of the manufacturer.

Redupexal ingredients

The manufacturers of diet pills Redupexal advertise the fact that the capsules  consist of the following ingredients:

  • Green coffee extract
  • Açaí berry
  • White tea
  • Bromelain
  • Sinetrol
  • African mango

This is only a rough indication of the ingredients of diet pills. The exact composition of Redupexal diet pills is as follows:

  • Citrus Extract Complex 24.4% (*)
  • Acai berry juice powder 24.4%
  • Gelatine (beef)
  • White tea extract 7.3%
  • African mangopulver mixing
  • Green Coffee Extract 4.9%
  • Zinc gluconate 4.9%
  • Sodium selenite 1.5%

Release agent: magnesium salts of the feed fatty acids (**), chromium (III) chloride 0.025%.
(*) Fruit extract of blood orange, grapefruit, orange, guarana
(**) vegetable.n

The above mentioned Sinetrol , which manufacturers advertise is circumscribed in the list of ingredients by the citrus extract complex.
However, on closer inspection falls on the list of ingredients that the substance bromelain , which the manufacturer also touts missing. It is thus not included in the diet pills.
When looking at the list of ingredients, it is also noticeable that all the ingredients that are also found in other common products that help to lose weight are given here.
The acai berry was discovered several years ago. She was credited with the ability to help people lose weight. Only last year has it been announced in the media that green coffee extracts can help people with the difficult way of the targeted weight loss. Since then this is also offered in the shops. Only this year came Sinetrol added to the supporters of the weight loss.

If, however, one is concerned with some scientific work and projects which have explicitly investigated which substances are actually effective in the reduction of fat, it is noticeable that none of the above-mentioned and advertised substances is present. Accordingly Redupexal a product which only can contribute to vitamin intake in humans. However, it does not support people in weight loss and fat loss.

redupexal-detoxon diet pill

Redupexal dosage or Redupexal taking

The manufacturers of diet pills Redupexal recommend just take two pills every day. There are no other instructions for food intake or weight loss.

Redupexal experiences

Opinions about Redupexal are found only on the official website of the diet pills. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find reviews which are independent. On the website “” you can but a few opinions on the effectiveness of the capsules found. It should be noted that these are almost exclusively very negative.

Redupexal Buy – What to look for

If the Home of Redupexal specify your e-mail address, as well as your address, they come to a selection of Redupexal products.
Payment is either by credit card, by Paypal or by a debit card. After the payment is done within 24 hours, it promises the website.
You can under 3 pack sizes of Redupexal search. Here one can contains Redupexal exactly 60 capsules which is sufficient according Suggested for a month.

  • One can cost 49,99 €. Shipping costs also 5,99 €. Man charged so when buying from Redupexal total € 55.89 and thus buys one of the most expensive slimming products
  • When you buy 3 cans you pay 79.90 € .The shipping remains at 5.99 €, whereby you ultimately pay for a can 28.63 €
  • If you decide to buy the largest pack size of 5 cans, you pay a total of 119.90 €, whereby you pay for a can 23.98 €.

During the ordering process is repeatedly pointed out that only a small availability of Redupexal there. Check out more about click here Redupexal & Detoxon